Premium inventory, at scale

Yoki Network is Azerion’s kids, youth and family network.  We’re offering a safe network to reach kids, youth and families by using cross-device creative ads served on a network of premium publishers. 
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The product offer is diverse: from mobile to desktop, video to rich media, branded content, virtual worlds and more.
Everything to create the unique ad experience. 

Rich media

Branded Content




Custom formats


Create impact with unique formats to reach your target group. We have in-house creative masterminds which like to brainstorm on new, innovative concepts. Mobile engagement ad’s, custom games, high-impact take-overs, the possibilities are endless.


How to not only reach your audience but also move them? Engage! We do this by creating formats with a high level of engagement. For example an engagement ad where the visitor can play around 360 degrees within the ad, or with an interactive take-over where the whole background can be customized to their own preferences.  

Kids safety

Safety first, so every ad served on the Yoki Network gets the Safe Ad Quality Mark. This means we always check for content en fit with the advertiser and we take into account the rules and regulations regarding GDPR. 
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